Sunday Services – 22/11/20

Worship Services

We are approaching the season of Advent. Usually this is a season of expectation, excitement and preparation as we count the days towards Christmas. It will be different this year as we do our preparations in the midst of so much uncertainty and so much global suffering as a result of the pandemic. What remains the same however is God’s goodness, faithfulness and love. Our human capacity to connect with this love, hasn’t changed. May this Advent season be a time when you open your heart and receive all the gifts God has for you in Jesus. May you use the moments of stillness, silence and solitude to tune in with God. May you also know when you have to reach out to offer help or ask for help. Let’s not forget to connect with one another. A quick phone call, text message, email, card or even a gift can mean more to people than we realise. We are here for one another. Another name for Jesus is Emmanuel which means God with us. He is with us in Jesus, in a fragile human being born in poverty. Let’s be on the look out to find Jesus in our own lives and in those of others. 

This week we will have a short online service on our YouTube channel, which will be available to view from 8.45am on Sunday morning. The service contains music, readings, prayers and a talk by Henriette. The service sheet, which can be used in conjunction with this service, is available to view/download here. In the church calendar, this Sunday is also called Christ the King. The service will be followed by our Annual Meetings at 11am via Zoom. During the service and the meetings, we will look back and give thanks as well as look towards a new vision for the future

Open for Prayer

The church building is open for personal prayer on Wednesday mornings from 10-11am. You are welcome to come and sit quietly in the church space to reflect, pray, read and meditate. We will also make some prayer sheets available for personal use. There will be a team coordinated by our wardens, Anne Luxton and Matt Stoney, to give guidance as you arrive. You are welcome to come for the whole time or just pop in for a few minutes. 

We will be following all the government and diocesan guidelines to make our personal prayer sessions as safe as we can. This includes sanitising hands, 2m physical distancing and mandatory face masks.

We advise that people with Covid symptoms stay at home, as well as those who need to continue shielding. We hope that many of you will feel confident enough to come into church for personal prayer on Wednesday mornings, but if not, you can also tune in to our weekly reflections on our YouTube channel every Tuesday morning from 8am.


God the Father

Help us to hear the call of Christ the King

And to follow in his service,

Whose kingdom has no end;

For he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

One God, one glory. Amen.

Children & Young People’s Resources

  • Worship at Home – A national Church of England resource designed to help families have a short time of worship as a household at home. Click here to find out more.
  • Light at Home – Weekly sheets by the Diocese of Leeds to support families at home. Each sheet has a bible story, prayers, something to do together and a challenge. Click here to access these sheets.
  • Weekly@ November 2020: Weekly lectionary-based children’s resources aimed at 5-11 year olds. Each session includes a theme, Bible story, game, craft activity, songs and a reflection.  These resources can be printed out and used at home on a weekly basis by those who wish to do so. Click here to view/download.

Other Worship Resources

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