Sunday Services – 09/05/21

Our worship services this Sunday will launch Christian Aid Week (10-16th May) at St Paul’s. We will hold a Holy Communion worship service in the church building at 10.30am. Due to Covid restrictions, places at this service will be limited and must be pre-booked by texting: 07960 626938. For those not able to attend our service in church, we will also have a pre-recorded online Sunday Together service, suitable for all ages, available to view on our YouTube Channel from 9am on Sunday morning. Both services will make use of the excellent Christian Aid resources available and will encourage us to serve God in a broken world by reaching out to those in need. As a church, we support the work of Christian Aid. This year, their strapline is ‘The climate emergency is one of the greatest injustices we face. Together we stop this climate crisis.’ If you would like to make a donation to Christian Aid, please do so here.

Photo credit: Christian Aid – Tom Pilston / Adam Finch

Christian Aid Week Prayer

Great God, 

Who makes the sun to rise, and opens the heavens 

Hear the cry of the people 

Who sow in hope for rain, but reap only despair 

Hear the cry of the people 

Seeking shelter from the storm, their hopes and homes submerged 

Hear the cry of the people, 

When creation is hitting back, with rage and resistance 

Give us hope, grant us salvation, 

Give us a new relationship with creation 

With reverence to tend this gift from You 

And say once again of the earth and all you created 

It is GOOD. 


(Bob Kikuyu Global Theology Advisor, Christian Aid)

Christian Aid Week 2021 Resources

Children & Young People’s Resources

  • Worship at Home – A national Church of England resource designed to help families have a short time of worship as a household at home. Click here to find out more.
  • Light at Home – Weekly sheets by the Diocese of Leeds to support families at home. Each sheet has a bible story, prayers, something to do together and a challenge. Click here to access these sheets.
  • Weekly@ May 2021: Weekly lectionary-based children’s resources aimed at 5-11 year olds. Each session includes a theme, Bible story, game, craft activity, songs and a reflection.  These resources can be printed out and used at home on a weekly basis by those who wish to do so. Click here to view/download.

Other Worship Resources

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