Lent 2021

What's On - Lent 2021

Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter (not including Sundays), is an important time in the church calendar. It is a chance for us to change gear, to do things differently and especially to focus more on Jesus and his journey to the cross. Often, people give up things for Lent, but in recent years, it has been suggested that we add things during Lent too. This could be more prayer, more reading, more awareness of the environment, more love or more compassion for example. How we observe Lent is very personal, but there is also a deep sense of travelling this journey together as a church community. Therefore, we hope that you will join in with some of what we have to offer this Lent.

Ash Wednesday Zoom Service

We usually mark the start of Lent with an Ash Wednesday service in the church building, but this year, we will do this online via Zoom. This special Holy Communion service will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17th February with friends from Christ Church Windhill. If you are joining us on Zoom, please bring some bread and wine/juice for the celebration of Holy Communion. If you would like to make the sign of the cross with ash on your forehead during the service, you may want to bring some ash. You can make this by (safely!) burning a bit of paper. This is, however, not essential! The service booklet, which can be used in conjunction with this service, is available to view/download here. Please get in touch via the Contact Us page for the Zoom link.

Rhythm of Life Course

Lent is a beautiful opportunity to deepen our spiritual journey, and this year, we are offering a Lent course put together by the Diocese of Leeds called the Rhythm of Life Course. This is a stand-alone course that can serve as a stepping-stone for further engagement with the Rhythm of Life. There will be six sessions, with online materials, for use with Zoom. Sessions will provide an opportunity to engage with the seven Rhythm of Life areas for deepening commitment: Praying, Reflecting, Encouraging, Sharing, Resting, Celebrating and Creating.

Each session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. The framework will consist of video clips, Bible passages, discussion questions, break out groups for discussion and prayer.

We will be leading this course on:

Saturday mornings – 10-11.15am, starting 20th February

Wednesday evenings – 8-9.15pm, starting 24th February

To book a place and receive the Zoom link, please get in touch via the Contact Us page. Course materials and further information can be accessed via the Rhythm of Life pages on the Digital Learning Platform (DLP): learning.leeds.anglican.org/RoL.

Other Lent Groups

  • Meditation Group – Our Meditation Group will continue to meet every Monday evening at 8pm via Zoom, with a special focus on Lent themes. Feel free to join especially for Lent. Get in touch via the Contact Us page for the Zoom link.
  • Younger Adults Group  – Our Younger Adults Group are also continuing their fortnightly Bible study sessions at 7.45pm on Friday evenings during Lent. Get in touch via the Contact Us page for the Zoom link.

Lenten Prayer

Jesus, as we start once again to follow you

on the way of the cross,

we are apprehensive.

For we are not sure of ourselves.

On our journey we have often been afraid,

often sought the safe options,

often fudged the sharp solution.

On our journey we have often tried to hide

our real selves from others,

from ourselves and from you.

We, who dare to say we are following you,

know how faltering are our footsteps,

how delicate our discipleships,

how feeble our faith.

Yet still you call us by name

and invite us into your company

and onto your road.

So give us the courage

and the commitment we need:

Help us to look out for one another on the road;

show us how we may share the duty

and the joy of discipleship,

knowing that, in the end,

it is you who have blazed the trail,

you who accompany us all the way,

you who will meet us on the road,

and say our name. 



Iona, John Harvey  

Lent Resources
  • #LiveLent God’s Story Our Story – Family Activities. Click here to view/download.
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