Hirst Wood Burial Ground

Hirst Wood Burial Ground

The Hirst Wood Burial Ground is an extension of St Paul’s Churchyard. The burial ground is closed to burials, but the cremated remains of Shipley residents or people with lifetime family connections with Shipley may still be interred in the Garden of Remembrance. 

The burial ground is an ecologically rich woodland habitat which is home to much wildlife and is protected by a Tree Preservation Order. With the help of volunteers, we maintain access through the burial ground and amongst the graves. When and where necessary, a limited clearance of undergrowth may need to take place. We strive to manage the burial ground sympathetically to both the graves within and the ecology of the site, but not as a garden, which would require an unsustainable level of maintenance.

Over the years, many of the graves within the burial ground have been damaged due to the physical terrain, tree roots, storms bringing down trees, vandalism and theft. Our most damaged and dangerous graves are in the process of being repaired and restored by a fantastic group of volunteers led by gravedigger, Graham Swain. 

The burial ground is accessed down a private drive on the Shipley side of H H Birch & Sons’ premises at Nab Wood Cemetery. Care must be taken on the pathways and steps, which are uneven, particularly in wet weather.

Enquiries about volunteering, past or future interments can be made to the Hirst Wood Burial Board via the contact form below.

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