Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day Services – 2021

Christmas Eve

This Christmas Eve, at 11.30pm, we will hold our Midnight Christmas Service with Holy Communion. At this service, which will be lead by Sue Lawrence with John Butler presiding and preaching, we will enjoy the traditional first communion of Christmas and the singing of carols. This service will be live streamed via our YouTube channel (see below) and the readings will be Isaiah 9:2-7 and Luke 2:1-20. Join us in church, or watch online!

Christmas Day

Join us in church or online for our Christmas Celebration Service with Holy Communion and the singing of Christmas carols. This service takes place at 10am on Christmas Day (doors open from 9.30am) and will be live streamed via our YouTube channel (see below). This is a family celebration of communion – bring a gift to show, if you wish! Chris Clough leads today’s service, with Brian Greenfield presiding and preaching. The readings for this service will be Isaiah 52:7-10 and John 1:1-14. Join us in church or online!

Boxing Day

As Boxing Day falls on a Sunday this year, we will hold a Worship Service with Holy Communion at 10am this morning (doors open from 9.30am), which will also be live streamed via our YouTube channel (see below). Brian Greenfield will lead and preside at this service, with Chris Clough preaching. The readings for this service will be Acts 7:51-60 and Matthew 10:17-22. Join us in church or online!

Christmas Prayer

A prayer as we light the Christmas candle

The candles burn for you our Lord Jesus Christ.

We rejoice in your birth in Bethlehem.

You call us today to honour you with our lives

and to praise you with our hearts and voices.

We are here to worship you.


Children & Young People's Resources

  • Worship at Home – A national Church of England resource designed to help families have a short time of worship as a household at home. Click here to find out more.
  • Weekly@ December 2021: Weekly lectionary-based children’s resources aimed at 5-11 year olds. Each session includes a theme, Bible story, game, craft activity, songs and a reflection.  These resources can be printed out and used at home on a weekly basis by those who wish to do so. Click here to view/download.

Other Worship Resources

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