Our Team

Our Team

There’s lots going on at St Paul’s on Sundays and throughout the week, not only in the building, but in other places in and around Shipley as well. Many people volunteer and help out in various ways, but it is impossible to mention them all here. Whether their contribution is small or large, we are all of equal value and importance to God. Below are just a few names and faces of people who play their part in making our church function well. You may recognise them when you come to church.

Henriette Howarth


John Butler

associate vicar

Chris Clough


Anne Luxton

church warden

Matt Stoney

church warden

Thomas Dixon

director of music

Rachel Hesselwood

director of music children & young people

Jenny Titchmarsh


Tony Hesselwood

hirst wood burial ground administrator

Jean Titchmarsh

pcc secretary

Chris Wontner-Smith

pcc treasurer

Alison Haigh

safeguarding officer

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