Junior Choir


Our friendly children’s choir offers free musical education to anyone aged 6-21. We sing a mixture of Christian and secular music, whilst learning various musical skills through fun and games.

What can I expect at Junior Choir?

Rehearsals start at 6.30pm with twenty minutes of songs and musical games.  In this time, children enjoy spending time together and learn to read music, sing and play percussion instruments. At 6.50pm, we start rehearsing music for concerts and Sunday services.

Do I have to come on Sundays?

St Paul’s Junior Choir sings regularly on Sunday mornings (9.45am) and at other church services and community events; although we encourage attendance, it is not compulsory.  There are plenty of other events for you to sing at if you don’t attend on Sundays.

This sounds great, how do I join?

Why not come and try us out! Email Rachel Hesselwood stpaulsjuniorchoir@gmail.com  for more information.

What if I’m too old?                                                 

Don’t worry! We have an adult choir too